Interior Decorating and Design Services – Northern Colorado area

What makes Household- No.6 stand apart from the rest?

There’s quite a few reasons, but the biggest one is affordability and quality. 


Renovation and/or Remodeling 

Household No.6 specializes in MAJOR COSMETIC RENOVATIONS. This means if at all possible, we try and NOT do anything that requires a building permit or major construction (such as removing of walls, moving electrical and/or plumbing and gas. Anything structural.) We DO resurface all areas, switch out light fixtures, basic electrical and plumbing, tile, lay new floors, install new and or paint cabinets, new hardware, new fixtures, wall treatments, paint, add decorative touches, design entire new rooms with furniture, rugs, drapes, art work, decor and paint. Re-tiling back splashes, refreshing fireplace mantles, hearths and surrounds, replacing hardware and light fixtures.  There are so many great ways to update your home without breaking the bank. Learn about the best products for your home, where to get them, what color and style to look for and how to make it happen. This includes everything from couches and tables to counter tops and lighting. I will be there with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!  At the end of our initial consult together, I will then follow up with you with a detailed list of what needs to be done. WE will work together on the project along with sub contractors (if need be) to get the ball rolling and start your project when you are ready. If at all possible, we like to start a project and finish in 7 days. We would prefer to work on 3-7 spaces at a time for a beautiful cohesive look.

  • There is a $5,500 minimum for our remodeling projects- Pricing will be discussed at consultation. 
  • There is $500 NON REFUNDABLE retainer due at signing of contracts. 


1 Room Design- ($299- PER ROOM)
Do you have ideas but have NO idea how to put it together? Do you want to change things up but just don’t know where to start? Are you looking for feedback, food for thought or brainstorming on a project?  Are you ready for a change, but not sure where your money is best spent? Do you feel confident in putting it all together if someone is there to guide you? 
I am available to help you figure out what to do, how to do it and to figure out approximately how much different aspects might cost.  Household_no.6 can help you with this! I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy an affordable and beautiful space that reflects your own style and can be completed on your own timeline and within your budget. E-design is a great and affordable way to be have a professional service with out the high price tag. We offer a full e design service including a completed design board including all of the elements I have chosen for your space along with detailed information and links to find each product so you can purchase them yourself on your own timeline.  My e-design services will be tailored to your decorating style and inspiration based on input and images you send me and input from the questionnaire (I will send to you via e-mail). Images, dimensions and details about your space and layout will be provided by you. As well as budget guidelines, cohesive home considerations and any other information you wish to provide me with. Price per room is ($299) and will be completed within 1-2 weeks.
 Interior Decorating and Design Services

Need to buy new pieces but aren’t sure what you’ll need?  I will help you determine the ideal pieces for your room based on it’s shape, Focal Point, usage and budget.

-Re finishing Furniture

Painting, distressing, glazing, staining wooden pieces to bring them back to life or give them a new personality.

-Home Staging

A comprehensive to-do list of what to do/fix/purchase in order to prepare your home for a sale.


In-store or online.  I am available to shop for you or with you.  Whether you are looking for that 1 special piece or shopping for multiple spaces, I will use my educated eye and personal flair to help you select pieces that best suit your style.  You will also have access to my designer discounts at various local retailers. (If I am shopping for you/delivering items, there will be a 10% sourcing fee for all products purchased)