This 7 day renovation went VERY smoothly for the most part but it of course didn’t come without it’s drama!! There were some very overwhelmed and overworked homeowners who may have taken on a few too many DIY projects, there were 3 paint sprayer explosions, a MAJOR freak out over the floor stain (by me, but it ended up working out) and there was a little blood, sweat and tears shed! The cabinet guy called in with the flu the night before the reveal… the night before!!! And there was LOTS of sleep lost along the entire project. But the sub contractors on the project were all amazing, the timing was flawless, everything got done in a timely manner (the cabinet guy ended up coming in.. against his very sick will 😉 ), no one was hurt, and all my design ideas came to fruition!! I’d say that’s a win!! It was truly a dream come true for me to work on this project with our friends and have it turn out even more beautiful than we all could have imagined! Here is a sneak peek of two of the five spaces we renovated. Full reveal will be this Saturday after the open house where we will promote all local businesses who worked on the project. Enjoy!


I knew I needed to do something to the fireplace.  But the budget didn’t allow for a demo and planking it was too risky with the wood being too close to the frame. So, we FINALLY opted to paint it. And when I say finally… I mean.. FINALLY.  The homeowners did NOT want to paint it.  But with no options and a large tan dated fireplace in the middle of their family room… I sweet talked them 🙂 It was VERY risky because Joe and I have actually NEVER painted a fireplace before (lot’s of firsts in the project). So talking them into was quite difficult. At first we started off white wahsing it, but you could see the color through and it really didn’t look good. After many color attempts on various stones we decided to go with a very calm and subtle look. We took the wall paint and just mixed it with various amount of white to get different shades of the same color. We painted a few white and then just randomly painted all the stones. ( It was a process and I’m not going to lie… we were all VERY nervous!!) We had some colors on at first that were way too dark but once we toned them down and covered up all the tan, orange and brown… it looked good! This process took FOREVER.. It took 3 of us 5 hour so paint this beast!! But I’m pretty proud of us!!

Out of all the floors we’ve installed…we’ve never weaved into existing hardwoods before… until now!! What a process!! Holy cow!! Travis and Justin from 2 brothers flooring… were AMAZING!!!! Seriously, we’ve worked with a lot of sub contractors before… but this guy takes the cake.  On time, courteous, trustworthy, HARD WORKING, and didn’t stop until the job was done AND PERFECT!! HE WAS AWESOME!!! The process took several days and we had to be very strategic with our timing of everything. Our 7 day renovation timeline was definitely ran by the timing and install of the floors. First they had to take out the existing  12 ft transition piece and weave the new floor in. Then they covered the entire floor with a wood filler to fill in all the cracks, then they sanded that off. Next they sanded the entire floor throughout the first floor… three times!! Then they stained it and put two coats of polyurethane on it… phew!!

LOT’S and LOT’S of projects happening this week!!! The homeowners have a really tight budget so to save money, they did A LOT of work themselves.  Being our really great friends and first clients… we jumped in and helped! We all painted the… walls, ceiling, trim, banister, furniture… you name it… we painted it!! Thank goodness for friends who came to help out!! Justin and Joe were on all the wood trim, the back splash, spraying doors and building some furniture. Andrea and I learned how to chalk paint at Magpies, from Amy the owner (who is Amazing!!) The floors got extended throughout the house by a local company (2brothers flooring) , the cabinets got refinished by (Exquisite Finishing) local to Fort Collins, the older kids helped and the little kids ran around and played!!

Joe and I have been going back and forth for months and months now trying to come up with a business concept that makes sense for our family, passions and long term goals. After coming up with ideas, scratching them, starting over, and really focusing on what we wanted to accomplish… we FINALLY have come up with a concept that we both love and feel will fulfill us creatively and mentally while still being able to focus on our family. Since I have 4 little kids at home and Joe still works full time as a dentist for the next little bit, we needed something that I could do mostly on my own and he could jump in when he has the time and work off hours. We also wanted to focus on promoting local businesses and making people aware of all the unique and trusted businesses out there. We know renovations, DIY projects and remodels can be really overwhelming and daunting, especially if you are inexperienced, on a budget and new to the home renovation industry. We’ve been there…several times. And there was NO ONE who helped us. We’ve had to figure out A LOT of things on our own, jump in unexpectedly and take risks on ourselves and skills over the past 15 years. We’ve learned a lot and really want to pass our knowledge and passions for design and remodeling onto others. We’ve decided to take existing homes and do complete start to finish remodels WITH the homeowner involved… teaching them along the way.  We work with local contractors and businesses to get special discounts and offers and then have an open house after the project is complete to promote everyone involved and give locals a chance to meet and greet those who worked on the project! It’s such a fun and unique way to impact our local community, help homeowners and assist us in growing our business.  We are SO thrilled for this adventure we are about to embark on and can’t wait to take you with us!! We decided it would be really fun to video tape the entire process and make a promo video for our business to help people understand just what we do!