Joe and I really wanted a master bathroom retreat, somewhere where we could really relax, that was comfortable AND stylish. I really LOVE the grey and natural tones and wanted to incorporate them into this space. I wanted the space to feel fresh, clean and modern while also being comfortable. AND I didn’t want to spend a lot. I really wanted to achieve a designer look on a budget. We were able to get the look we wanted on our budget this in several different ways.  First, I went with RTA cabinets (ready to assemble) this saved us  A LOT of money.  RTA cabinets are usually about half the cost of custom cabinets and you can get several different finishes, styles and options to go with your design and budget. In our master I knew I wanted grey shaker and I was only able to find them (here). I worked with Vic who helped me design them and sent me 3D images of all my spaces… SUPER awesome!! I am really happy with the color and quality of these cabinets. They have soft close drawers, high quality material and lots of customizable options! We chose to add towers to our vanity tops for more storage and opted for the frosted glass for a more luxurious look. We were also able to save on our counter tops by going to a granite yard and choosing from remnants. We went to a local place here in Denver called Front range stone and the selection of remnants was out of this world!! They have literally 100’s of different types of granite, soapstone, Silestone and quarts. This company happens to work with all the Lowes and Home Depots in Colorado so if we wanted to see something more closely… we just went into our local Lowes or Home depot! The sinks were purchased off the shelf from Lowes and can be found (here). I’m really loving gold fixtures right now so I found a gorgeous clean and modern set from (here) that I thought fit the look of my bathroom perfectly. The round mirrors were purchased off the shelf from World Market. The round light fixtures found (here) were the only round fixtures I could find and they were in chrome. So I just found a gold spray paint that matches my other finishes and closely as possible and spray painted them! The gold pulls were also purchased right off the shelf at Lowes! I knew I wanted to splurge a little on the back splash and take it all the way up the wall for a more dramatic look. The herringbone back splash you can find (here). Lowes also carries a VERY similar style found (here) but the tiles are a little larger. In our shower we really loved the idea of pebble flooring for a spa feel that I found (here). I wanted to keep the shower really simple so we decided to go with a large grey matte tile found (here) and the pebbles  we took all the way up the sides for a more modern look. We used a cohesive snow white grout color throughout the entire space to tie everything together. I added white board and batten to the front of my bathtub to add some character and texture.  My flooring is off the shelf from Lowes. It is a marble look a like found (here). To save even more money we worked with our tile guy to get the project supply list and went and picked EVERYTHING up ourselves. I did not want to pay my tile guy to go back and forth to the store so he had my number on speed dial and I was his runner. (This was a pain in the butt… not going to lie) BUT we paid ONLY for production labor that was all done at my house and there were no hidden fees or extra costs.  All in all we were able to achieve a gorgeous modern spa like feel in our master bathroom on a budget. We are so happy with it and I hope this is a helpful tutorial!


The first room I wanted to be done was the living room since that it the first room you see when you walk into our home. Also, this room has a gorgeous wall treatment that is really the main focus so the decor I knew would be simple and easy. I wanted something a little more formal for this room since it’s essentially, a formal living room. I felt the square board and batten would give this room a more formal/elegant look while also keeping it clean and modern. I have wall treatments all over my house and I painted them all (ultra pure white by Behr) to keep them cohesive. I feel wall treatments not only add charm and texture to a room but they can be a beautiful focal point so you don’t have to decorate so much. Keeping this room simple was key for me. I added a beautiful orb light fixture, which you can find (here) and I added a gorgeous simple rug with a beautiful clean pattern found on my MOST favorite rug site ( similar to this one (here). I purchased a smaller more formal couch (more for looks than practicality).  And put a few rustic pillows on it to tie in with the rest of my house and bam… done! I hope you enjoy!!

Oh, Ikea how I love thee!! This sink base is SO easy and simple to put together! I wanted something open and rustic for my powder bath since it’s a small room. I did black shiplap on the back wall and needed a soft rustic element. I had been looking for a while for something open with possibly slats on the bottom so I could do a cute rustic crate or something. I saw this BBQ stand at Ikea (click here) and fell in love! Not only was it the perfect look but it was the perfect size and it was only $89 bucks!! Whoo hoo! I snatched it up and was also hoping to land the stainless steel top that is an option to go with it, but it was out of stock and I had no luck getting it for the next couple months 🙁 So I had to improvise on the top. I purchased a large butcher block counter top from lumber liquidators (click Here). I decided to go with the cheapest one they had in stock because I knew I was going to stain it and and it was going in my powder bath, laundry room and office and I really didn’t want to spend a whole lot on this. I purchased the 9 ft long slab on sale for $250 and was able to get 5 counter tops out of it!! Steal of a deal!!! We sanded and painted the stand because I wanted it black. Then we set the stand in place in the bathroom and had to cut it down about 3 inches because I knew our farm sink would stick up about 3-4 inches and I wanted it to be a comfortable bathroom sink height. I purchased this farm sink ( here) and the faucet (here) Btw… DON’T forget to get a VESSEL sink faucet if you are installing a farm sink, a regular faucet will sit too low!  After cutting it down, we measured for the width (I wanted a 1 inch overhang) and I had my husband cut it. I then stained it with the stain we used for our banisters and cubbies. After that, we placed the sink in the middle, my husband cut the hole for it and faucet and we had the plumber install both. I found a really cute crate at home goods to put underneath the sink so I could display T.P and cloths and bam! Done!


Wow. This has been such a long journey is it really time to move in??!! I still remember when Joe and I first started dating and we both said “someday we want a house on a lake in Colorado.”  Can’t believe that someday is here!!!!!!!!! This the most exciting day of my life!!! It has been such a roller coaster of a ride designing from scratch. We had NO idea what to expect. No rooms to walk beforehand, no layout to look at, no rendering to see… NADA!!!! It was hard to imagine the whole time and Joe had a harder time than I did. But I knew it would all come together in the end. And it did. Choosing lighting, paint colors, flooring, counter tops… you name it, we did it ourselves. We had NO help. Not from one single person!!  The builder obviiously helped with the structual part of it and all the codes and permits. But other than, that… we did  A LOT of it ourselves. And we are truly grateful to our builder who let us do this. This is pretty uncommon to do and I just feel so lucky it all worked out! To say I’m proud of us is an understatement.  We did good babe. We did good.  Here is the main floor of our house. Stay tuned for more rooms and spaces!!

Open concept modern rustic interior. Square pendants. Black island. DIY rustic hood vent

Open concept stairs. Modern farmhouse style. black barn door

Open concept modern farmhouse style. Planked fire place modern rustic stairs

Open concept stairs. Modern farmhouse style. Tiered lighting

Open concept modern farmhouse style

Black doors. Black barn door. Open concept. Modern rustic style. Rustic hood vent. DIY hood vent.

white barn door. Open concept lockers. Planked lockers

Lots and lots of last minute details. Since we did a lot of things our selves and we took on a lot of the finishes… it was crunch time for us. Time to finish up painting, putting in counter tops, installing the hood vent, painting cabinets, installing lights, hardware and the hood vent, and cleaning!! Lots of last minute touch ups!! We enlisted our kiddos to help too… they were oh so happy about it 🙂