We were pretty hesitant to see this house at first. As a matter of fact… our realtor had to pretty much beg us to go see it. We were only in town for the weekend and narrowed our search down pretty extensively to a certain area. There weren’t many houses to see in that area and we had our hearts set on one in particular. We wanted to make an offer on it right away so we weren’t really interested in seeing anything else. Our realtor (knowing how the market goes) said “why don’t you guys just look at a couple more? I have this one house that I think will be a great fit for you guys and it’s in the PERFECT area!!.” We drove by it and I said ” Hmmm… that look REALLY BIG. I’m not sure I want to take on a project that big.”  “Well.” She said ” I REALLY think you guys should just go in and look at it.” Me: ” Well, we are sitting outside, so let’s just go and look really quick.” We literally went inside and did a SUPER quick (under 5 mins) look around… and we were NOT impressed. The house was SO dark, SUPER SMELLY, and the layout was choppy. Plus it was HUGE!!! “Eh” both Joe and I said. “We like the other house SO much better.” (rookie mistake #1… ALWAYS have options!! AND don’t get your heart set on a house) Well… long story short… we made an offer on the other house and got outbid!! Uggg… after being dissapointed for about a week… I remembered “The white house”. “Hey!” I told my realtor…”What about that dark, dated and smelly white house?! Is it still available?” “Sure is!” she said. And so the story begins…

We at Household no.6 are SO excited to announce our next VERY BIG upcoming project!! After searching high and low in our local market for a house to renovate… and being very unsuccessful … Joe and I decided to step outside our comfort zone and purchase a home OUT OF STATE!!! Our local Colorado market was almost impossible to break into as an amateur investor so we decided to go somewhere where we were familiar with and the market was very easy to get into. We recently (2.5 years ago) moved from San Antonio, TX and so we knew the market and location well. We felt after our own home town of Fort Collins, CO fell through our next best option would be the San Antonio area. We fell in love with the New Braunfels area which is located right outside of San Antonio and is a very up and coming area.  After a couple trips in researching more in depth areas… we felt the downtown area would be a PERFECT fit for what we wanted to do. Thanks to an amazing investment realtor we were able to get a great home with AMAZING bones close to downtown. We fell in LOVE with SO many aspects of the white house!! And are SO excited to pursue this BIG adventure!!



So much time, effort and thought goes into each space we design and this commercial space was NO exception. As a couple we were there almost every day and as a family, the kiddos helped clean up and put the final touches on everything. It’s always an adventure working with the kids because let’s get real… they are kids. They don’t like to work, they want to play and messing around is what they do best! LOL. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun!!



Commercial space is DONE!!! This was SUCH a fun project to take from old, dark and dated to clean, bright and modern! We painted all the brick white, painted the trim black, added new flooring throughout, gut renovated the bathrooms, new carpet throughout, all new paint, lighting, cabinets and counter tops and new furniture and decor! It was A BLAST to design and finish!