The time has come for our family to return home to where we love. Texas has been good to us and we have LOVED renovating and living in this home for a short 18 months but Colorado is calling us! It was time for us to really put down some roots and be closer to family. (raising 4 littles on my own while my husband works 70+ hours a week and being 30 hours away from any family kicked my butt!!) This house has been such a blessing in our life and we have loved seeing it become the beautiful home it was meant to be! So grateful for the opportunity to renovate it and learned along the way. With all the work we put into it, it was REALLY hard to say goodbye. I listed this beauty myself and did about 12 showings, 10 short days later… we were under contract for $10,000 more than listing price! Everyone LOVED the uniqueness of the home. The wood beams, the brick, the paint colors, the wall treatments, the new flooring and the gorgeous kitchen! We got some awesome feedback and I will truly be forever grateful to call this place home! Goodbye my lovely!! You will always have a special place in my heart.



Kitchen Blah to Kitchen Bo0-YAH!!!

I could spend hours in this kitchen. You know when a room reflects your exact style and it just feels so gooooood to be in that space? Yeah, that is my kitchen for me! I am in LOVE with how this kitchen turned out. Not only, it is such a perfect reflection of my style, but it is such a beautiful blend of my husbands taste as well. I was so happy he wanted to be involved in the kitchen and just love his touches. It was his idea to add the hood vent (which he designed and had custom made… great job babe!!) It is actually a stainelss steel vent that he had faux painted rusted copper. I LOVE how it turned out! He also picked out all the appliances and installed them 🙂 Yeah… that’s my man. He chose the charcoal/navy bar color as well and it was also him that had the idea to do the back counters a different color as the island. LUCKILY ( and I say luckily with a huge sigh of relief…) we have similar style. I would say we both really like the modern rustic look. When designing this room and having our whole house flow together, it wasn’t as hard of a time as I’ve heard some couples have. It’s quite difficult sometimes blending styles together and having everyone happy and on the same page. Also lucky for me… my husband was working pretty much through the entire renovation and I oversaw most of it. So most of the decisions were made and he just came in and approved them 🙂 Any who, we took out the wet bar and added a floor to ceiling pantry since there wasn’t a lot of storage. We off set some of the cabinets so it was more of a city scape instead of just a straight line across the top to add some interest. Since the cabinets were in really great shape, we decided to just paint them white. This is what made the biggest difference in the space I feel. By just painting the cabinets a clean fresh color of white, it really brightened  up the entire space and made it feel so much more inviting and open! My next favorite part was adding the island. We took out the cook top from the counter that was in the middle of the room, shifted it to the back wall for a focal point and added about 3 extra feet to the counter top to make it a large island.   I LOVE this feature! This is where we gather and chat and entertain.  We used the same wood beams and brick that we used in the family room and living room to tie the spaces all together. Overall, the space now has a clean, rustic farm feel. This room is truly the heart of our home and It is so cozy and warm and perfect for us!


Obviously layout plays a large part in the functionality of a kitchen and I always like to go with the triangle of sink, fridge and cook top. This layout makes it easy to prep, clean and cook your food seamlessly with minimum steps and turning around. My layout in this space is a little different from the exact triangle, but it was already laid out, so I couldn’t do much except add functionality in other ways. Having cupboards filled with objects you use right next to the source is also a great way to minimize steps. For example: having all the cooking items next to or near the stove, having the dishes right above the dishwasher and having Tupperware and food storage right next to the fridge are all great ways to add functionality to your space.  As for making your kitchen beautiful, we all have different ideas as to what is beautiful. My idea of beautiful is crisp, clean and organized. That is why I chose a crisp white for my cabinets, clean lines throughout the space and added clear cabinet faces to accentuate the beautiful white dishes in some of my cabinets. We also took the opportunity to make the rooms flow together by adding another beam over the oven area and adding the same brick that is in the living room.


I found a neutral color I absolutely love ( Eddie Bauer- Beach) and used this color throughout my house in DIFFERENT SHADES. This means, I took the color in to Lowes or Home Depot and had them match it first. Then I ordered the same paint but 25% lighter here and 50% darker there… wherever I felt it could be darker, I went a little darker with the color and where I felt it needed to be lighter I went lighter. This will ensure you have variation throughout your home but the color pallet will flow beautifully!




Family Room make over

This family room went from orange Tuscany to modern grey transitional! And I’m in LOVE!! I know I say I love every room… but I really do. This family room though… it had such great bones to start with! The incredibly high ceilings, the floor to ceiling windows, the corner fireplace, the VERY LARGE overall space… It was just screaming for some love!! And that is what I gave it… a little touch of Widdison and lots of love! After tearing down the arches and squaring them out to be one large opening, we found these amazing rustic wood beams at an old lumber yard here in San Antonio. We were able to go to the yard and look through all the beams they had a choose which one we liked best. We chose this particular beam because it had all the colors were using in our house in it plus lots of character! They grey’s, silvers and browns were just gorgeous together!! Luckily, we were able to choose one large beam and had it cut into 4 pieces for what we needed so they all matched perfectly and the beams really tied the kitchen and great room together. The beam we got was taken out of an old church in Ohio from 1820!! I LOVED that each of the beams at the lumber yard had a story and it is such a conversation piece when friends come over.  After the arches, we basically painted the ceilings throughout the whole house white (in here included), we put medium colored laminate flooring throughout the entire first floor, painted the walls, had a custom built in media center made to fit our T.V and decor, and tiled right over the original fireplace with matching brick and some stone we found in our backyard! Lol. The transformation was absolutely perfect for our family. We really just needed a large comfortable area to entertain and relax in. And That is what this ended up being! I love how open to the kitchen it is and how great it is for entertaining! We spend so much time here.


Whatever your style, be it modern, classic, farmhouse etc., If you find something you love, try and repeat it in different ways throughout your home to create a cohesive feel. In our case, we LOVED the idea of old brick and old wood beams. So we found lots of creative ways to add those into our main rooms to make them flow together and give them a similar feeling. We did this SPARINGLY as to not over do it! In our living room, we added one brick wall, in the kitchen we put the same brick on the back splash. We also used the same wood beam (all cut from 1 large beam) in the kitchen and family room to really tie those two rooms together since they are so close to each other. We used the last remaining piece of beam on the mantle and then used the last of the brick as well to really bring it all together.


Our fireplace looks completely different. But we actually just went right over the old brick with stone and new brick! We did NOT tear the old fireplace down. I wanted a larger more beefy fireplace anyways, so just adding the stone and brick right on top of the old brick added some depth and cost a LOT LESS! Not only did it save us a lot of money but it made for a perfect foundation for our new fireplace. If we had torn it down, we would have had to rebuild a whole new fireplace with wood for the base. And that just didn’t make sense to me!








Brick wall in Living Room

Ahhh the living room. I adore this space. Sometimes I just come in here and sit on the couch and sit. (it really only lasts about 2.5 seconds before I hear a baby crying or kids fighting… but oh those 2.5 seconds are pure design bliss 🙂 Let’s talk about this brick… this brick it’s called Old Chicago imported from old Chicago firehouses and can be purchased from Brick and Tiles unlimited  in San Antonio, TX. It was pretty much love at first sight. I knew I wanted some brick with lots of character and colors. Since we were going to be putting this in our kitchen as the back splash, I loved that it had pieces of navy blue to match our Island. And I thought adding this brick to this wall would give this more formal room a touch of elegance and charm. The 5″ inch baseboards and the 5″ inch crown molding (which were already here) bring such a traditional flare to this room already and add so much, I really didn’t want to take away from it. Instead, I wanted to bring out that character as much as possible and really make it pop. By painting the walls Beach- By Eddie Bauer (which is the color I have throughout my whole house in different shades) it really made the molding stand out. I also fell in love with this orbit chandelier which I found at. Z galleries. This is probably my most favorite room in my house. I love just sitting here listening to my kiddos play piano and relaxing in the space.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out!!


In choosing a feature wall, I usually have a few rules of thumb. 1st: I usually ALWAYS feature the back wall in a room. This could mean different things, in different rooms. To me, it usually means the wall you are looking straight at when you are standing in the doorway. It could also mean, the wall your furniture is up against (in your bedroom for instance). Or it may just be a wall that you want to bring more attention to. In the case of my living room, there are 3 walls and the wall I chose is the far back wall. I chose this wall because when you walk past this room, this is the wall you see the most. Not only that but, it has 2 large beautiful windows and it wasn’t too big. I wanted to make a BIG statement but I didn’t want to over do it. LESS IS MORE. I really wanted the brick to be the focal point of this wall since it is so beautiful in and of itself. So I knew I wanted to keep it simple and not add a lot of decor to the wall.


I personally LOVE brick. But I like the look of old worn SUBTLE brick. I didn’t really want this brick to pop. I was really going for a more subtle look. So I had my mason use a more light color grout. This made a HUGE difference. On the fireplace in our family room I had him do a darker grout to make it stand out a little more and what a difference! I HIGHLY suggest before you brick, tile or do anything that requires grout, you do a test area first. The grout color really makes a big difference is how the area will turn out. It can also bring out colors. This can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing! Generally, if you want your tiles or brick to really pop, then do a darker grout color. If you want them to be a bit more subtle, then stick with a lighter neutral color.



Master Bedroom Renovation

Ahhh… we haven’t had a real decorated master bedroom… uh EVER! So it was SO nice to finally be able to create a space we could enjoy and relax in! I’m in LOVE with this custom color I found on a bag! Lol… I find inspiration in the weirdest places! Yep, I was at a boutique and got handed a little dark brownish grey bag and I thought.. I LOVE this color! I folded the bag up and put in in my inspiration folder. And when it came time to design this room, I brought it out and took it to the paint store! And tada! The room itself is very large with GREAT light and look at those bay windows!! LOVE the feeling of this room. I really didn’t want to spend too much in here thought since it wasn’t a priority. So we pretty much just painted it (I painted it… and I think it looks fabulous 🙂 And then I have my contractor add the wainscoting around the entire room to give it some extra character and brighten it up a bit. I eventually was able to get some really cute curtains, but they are not shown sadly! The transformation turned out great and we absolutely love spending time in here! Since I had the baby only a couple weeks after move in, I knew I would be spending A LOT of time in my bedroom trying to sleep 🙂


It’s no secret that adding wood wall treatments to your walls will give them more dimension and can bring a lot of warmth into a space. A classic white semi gloss will really add some pop to the treatment and make it stand out against a darker wall color. There are several different types of wood wall treatments and depending on your taste, you can create many different looks and styles. Wood wall treatments can be really affordable and if you have the time and skills, you can somewhat easily do them yourself! I knew I wanted to do a really rich dark grey/brown in my master bedroom so I added this wall treatment all the way around to give it some balance and lighten up the space. Wood wall treatments can be very versatile as well. Adding a more formal feel or casual feel to the room!


The back of wall looks best when it is smooth. You can achieve this look in a couple different ways. If you are lucky enough to have your walls not textures (for instance, if you are building a house and you tell the texture guys to leave the wall flat and NOT texture it) OR if you have flat walls… (lucky!). This is the easiest of course. But most of us don’t have this luxury! So, you need to put sanded plywood down first! This will give you a really clean, finished look to your wall treatment.