Finally!!! After almost 6 long months of framing… the house is moving on! We are now into electrical, plumbing and painting!! Whoop Whoop!! My color scheme of white and black was turned down 4 times by the neighborhood design committee! It wasn’t until I showed them a local modern white farmhouse they could drive by and see in person, until they finally said YES!! (My slight persistence and annoying calling everyday may have also pushed them a little ūüôā Whatever, it was… it worked and I am a HAPPY girl!! My dreams of a modern white farmhouse were NOT going to be crushed by some local design committee! In our rendering of the house, there was NO color on it. It was a very basic black and white rendering so we were a little nervous when we chose the color and trim! But I am SO happy with how it turned out!! It truly changed the entire feel of the house and the design of the modern farmhouse look is starting to take shape! ¬†Our garage doors showed up white with brown X’s on them and stayed that way for months! Ahhh… they looked HIDEOUS! SO GLAD to see them go black!!


There is A LOT of work to do behind the scenes when building a house. Lots of research, pinning and window shopping. Finding your style and the overall look/feel of the house is pretty time consuming and is a lot of trial and error. ¬†Trying things out to see what will work and won’t work is quite a long process. The house kind of evolves and I feel like the style of each room unfolds itself once you find a couple key elements such as a counter top, paint color, rug or picture you love. I LOVE finding an inspiration piece for each room and building upon it. For me, this is where I start and how I develop a room. I also make design boards to help with the look and to give me something tangible to look at. I simply go to pinterest, houzz or any web images I find I like and cut and paste them in paint. I don’t have any fancy programs, I like to keep it simple. If I love it, I put in the center of the page and then start dragging and dropping rugs, paint colors, paint ideas, decor, lighting, flooring and furniture. This process can take up to a few weeks as I like to try different things together and see what looks best. I have done this for EVERY room in my house. I have also done this for the exterior as well as overall lighting in my house.This keeps my thoughts really organized and every time I see something new that I like or think will go well in a room… I just add it in! I have also taken pictures of the rooms and virtually designed it with this same process. This will give you a very close idea of what the room will actually look like¬†as is.¬†Once I have decided on something, if possible, I like to create it in reality just to make sure it looks as good in real life as it does on the computer. Not only that but paint colors can look so different on a computer as they do in your own home! As well as looking different on the computer, paint colors can look drastically different in each room of your house just with lighting and furniture. Paint is HUGE to me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE paint. I have a really great eye for pairing paint colors together and getting the color just right. I knew I really wanted a navy island so here we are painting some unfinished shaker style sample doors I ordered online. I chose three different navy’s I really liked and we are trying them out!

Here are my cuties helping mommy paint!! My Taters and Nevie girl are just the perfect little painting partners!



Granite, Granite, Granite. Just like paint color, flooring, cabinet selection and room layout, your counter tops can really make a room. The most affordable way to get beautiful granite counter tops is to go to a large stone company and ask to see their remnants. That is what we did. Looking at remnants also ensures you get different types of stone in each room. ¬†With a lot of fabricators, they will tell you to choose one slab and get as many cuts from it as possible. This way, you have the same stone in several different rooms. If you love the stone, then this is great and you will get the best bang for your buck and keep it simple. But if you are like me, I want every room to have a different feel and look very different. So, we chose to go the remnant route. The Stone Collection in Denver has an AMAZING selection of full slabs and remnants… seriously, you could spend all day there! Along with their unbelievable selection of over 200 granite types, they also have an amazing marble selection, natural stone selection and man made selection! We have been there 4 times. My advice is to bring each cabinet and flooring from each room with you to put it up next to the stones. This will ensure it goes well with everything you have already chosen and you can see it all together. When you do see something you like, don’t forget to take apicture of the tag!! This tells you what lot it is and ensures your slab will be similar to the one you are looking at. The lot number is basically how they cut the granite and staying within the same lot will give you the same color, veining and overall look. ¬†I would also suggest you skimp on something to ensure you get the right counter tops. Paint you can change, cabinet color you can change and even appliances you can change, but your counter tops are something you want to last for a VERY long time. Granite and natural stone are very expensive and the cost to replace them could break your budget. So plan to spend a pretty penny and get the counter tops you want and you know you will love for a VERY long time. Maybe also plan on something that can go with a variety of different colors. This way, you can change out your cabinets or paint and get a new look without breaking the bank!

The best part about the house being framed during the winter is I mostly get to stay inside and make design decisions in the warmth!! And we all know my favorite thing is DESIGN!!!! YES!!! BEST. PART. Seriously though… I’ve been planning this house in my head, pinning like crazy for years, and mentally organizing this house FOR-EVA!!! It feels SOOOO good to finally be making some decisions and shopping for real!! Designing 22 rooms at the same time can be a bit overwhelming though. I will admit. I have had to be very organized, on top of things and decisive. We have taken on ALL of the designing choices and have chosen to forgo going to a design center. We have pieced everything out to make sure we are getting exactly what we want and for the price we want as well. THIS IS VERY TIME CONSUMING!!! ¬†I’m going to be very honest, picking every single tile, deco strip, flooring, counter top, paint color, faucet, finish, grout color, back splash and cabinet color for 5 ¬†DIFFERENT BATHROOMS, 7 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BEDROOMS AND 11 DIFFERENT OPEN SPACES… has been nothing short of taking over my life. I LOVE it though. Some people would probably cry themselves to sleep, but not me. I LOVE EVERY SECOND!!!! This is what I LIVE for!!! Seriously, (besides my husband and kids) I do not enjoy anything more than designing. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of this process from the sketch on a piece of paper, to foundation, to framing, to now… Choosing finishes is definitely a close second to floor plan design. This is where the magic happens, the icing on the cake gets put on and everything comes together beautifully! It is a little tough designing spaces that are hardly framed though. There is a lot of imaging going on! I really enjoy the thought of bringing each child’s personality into a room and creating inviting, comfortable and functional spaces! This is just the first go. Really at this point, I am shopping around… lot’s and lots of window shopping.. getting ideas and seeing what is out there. I have been pulling colors together, ordering samples of flooring, cabinets, counters, carpet, exterior colors, stone selection, roof color and much more like crazy!¬†

After many trips to the stone store, we have come to this agreement, and this agreement alone. This is the ONLY stone we have agreed on. So, guess this is it! Wrap it up!

I won’t bore you with framing pictures and I certainly won’t give you all the details on how long this framing dragged on for… let’s just say… It’s coming along. Slowly. VERY slowly. But there is progress every day and you have to count the little things at this stage I’ve come to realize! Every day there are a few new walls up and it comes together that little bit more. This stage has been really hard for me because this winter has been SOOOOO cold!! It has just dumped, and dumped and dumped snow!! Their plan is to get the interior shell up and the exterior complete so they can work inside during winter. ¬†As you can see, there are no windows or doors on the house yet and¬†it is FRIDGID inside!!! I seriously wear 5 layers to go meet people at the house and it’s so hard to have a conversation and make decisions when you are FROZEN!! We have had several important (and long) meetings though… (of course!) A 5 hour meeting with the electrician… (let’s not forget the hours on end we went over every room as well… probably a good 10 hours spent with that guy! IN THE FREEZING COLD!!!) Also, the plumber and the siding guys. Some pretty major decisions were made while I was standing there freezing my butt off trying not to be a wimp! ¬†Windows did arrived and a few exterior doors were delivered too! Before framing was all the way complete, they did start on the siding and what a transformation! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the board and batten… it’s going to look amazing white!!!



This is us… building a house is hard. Building a house with 4 kids is even harder! Spending hours and hours a week making decisions and seeing progress, I am SO grateful we have this open play area for the kids!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought there bikes to the house and let them play in this room, since it’s so dangerous and there are tools everywhere else! There are also no railings up yet. I have 20 ft drop off’s in my whole house!! I have a slight panic attack every time I bring the kiddos there.