My 5 year old (Tate) is OBSESSED with all things swimming. Including the ocean and learning how to surf. I really wanted to give all my children rooms that reflect their personalities. So that is why I decided to go with a vintage surf theme in this room. These colors just screamed Tate to me and I HAD to do them together. I thought some really bold stripes in a fun pattern would be fun and funky and that’s just how it turned out! Although this was the HARDEST room to paint, with 4 colors and those angles!! Seriously, the angles kicked. our. butts. It’s a good thing my smarty pants sister was there to come up with the idea of the level app! Worked like a charm and totally did the trick! We were able to get the lines laser sharp and all the same angle! The caulking in this room was pretty treacherous. Not going to lie…it took for.ev.a!!! And seeing that I am a painting Nazi… my lines had to ALL be perfectly taped straight and caulked to perfection!  In the end… this room is bursting with Tate’s personality… so full of joy and bright and cheery just like my Taters! (Btw…that’s my sweet Nevie girl photo bombing my pics and “helping me” clean)

My 3 year old Neve (Aka Nevie) is a spitfire! She is a ham, a daredevil, and our little princess! She LOVES to dress up and is girl to the core. I really wanted a room that shows her spunk yet is soft and girly. This mid century mint and cream room I think will be just perfect for her! This room was a little tricky, as I have never actually painted haring bone before! So it was an adventure… I have painted a lot in my day so I didn’t think it would be too hard. Especially now that we got the whole angle thing down in Tate’s room.. it was actually a breeze! Measured the wall out, started in middle, decided how wide a part we wanted to sections and went to town! With all the painting, taping and caulking it did take a while and we did this at night with only a spotlight! Eeek! In the end, we over caulked and I had some MAJOR touch ups to do. Well, you live you learn. Overall, it is just what I was hoping for! Charming and a little spunky!

You better believe, as soon as drywall went up… the VERY NEXT day we were in there painting away!! I LOVE PAINTING!!!!! It was my sisters spring break, and she wanted to come out and visit, so we made it a girls trip! My two aunts and mom joined in and suddenly it was girls painting trip! We had a blast, got a lot done and got our creative juices flowing!! Here a couple pics of the final products… (which were just now touched up and finished). I wanted to tackle 4 kids bedrooms and at least get them started. We didn’t finish them completely but at least we made great progress when they were here! I could NOT have done all this by myself! It would have taken me FOR-EV-A!! SO, SO grateful to my family for helping me with these rooms! It truly meant a lot for them to come all the way out and help! Thanks guys!!

I get asked a lot where we get our beams. Well, obviously we didn’t go all the way to Texas to get these ones. LUCKILY, there are a couple local places here in Northern Colorado that have old wood beams. The place we chose is called Circle Goods and it located in Berthoud, CO. We LOVED the staff there and we also loved the selection and diversity of all the wood pieces! They had SO much to choose from and will cut it and finish it any way you like. We love the raw look and took all the beams (besides our mantle) unfinished and just as it was! The mantle piece we had them sand down and coat with a sealer just because we knew little hands would be touching it and we didn’t want any splinters! Here are a few pics of the AMAZING grounds at Circle Goods. They have such a plethora of large beams, smaller beams, brown beams, grey beams, cedar… you name it… this place has it!

After all the electrical is in place and the plumbing is in the walls, they can start to seal those walls up! So EXCITED!!! This is where it really turned a corner for me. Approx 6 months into the build process, we got drywall put up and it changed everything for me. I was FINALLY able to really feel the spaces for what they were and see how the house flowed. It really helped in a lot of the design decisions because before, I was never really able to get a sense for each space.  NEVER seeing or walking through anything like our home was really hard. I had an idea from the lines on the floor plan, but until the walls go up and are covered, I could never really “see” it. I have an incredible sense of imagination and am really good at seeing things in my head beforehand. But with this house, because it was so large and had so many different rooms, it was really hard to imagine all together! We only made a few slight changes to a couple walls and we brought the vaulted ceiling down in the dining room (which I am SO glad we did) The flat lower ceiling makes the space feel a lot more cozy and more like a separate room as well. Before Drywall, we knew we wanted some rustic beams put in like in our old house, so we had to pick those out and get them installed asap. (See above post for those!)