Getting back into it…

I love this time of year. . . getting the kids back to school, getting us all back to a routine.

Getting the kids back to school means they rise each day with a purpose, with a drive to accomplish, and a goal to succeed. For me it means getting organized with shopping for school lunches, calendaring activities, and making some much needed me time for early morning runs, the gym, and healthier eating.

I’ve collaborated with one of my favorite Instagram food buddies to share with you some really yummy and healthy food options. Check out Melissa over at below (click on name to link to blog!).

Recognize that it’s those small healthy and productive choices that bring you closer to your goals.

And always remember… Dont’ Quit Your Day Dream!

Modern Honey –


Healthy kids lunch ideas

Superfood Smooothies

smoothy pic 8-8





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