DIY magnetic chalkboard calendar wall

If you missed my LIVE Instastory or my Facebook LIVE tutorial on this… no worries!!! It’s here and ready to go for you with all the products and steps I used! Happy making!! Here the the steps to this FUN, EASY and creative project!



Products Used:

Product 1. Rustoleum Magnetic latex paint in black (purchased at Lowes).

Product 2. Devine Chalkboard interior paint ( purchased at Target)

Product 3. White Duct tape (purchased at Hobby Lobby)

Product 4. Bistro chalk markers (purchased at Hobby Lobby)


chalkwall pic


Step 1:

Make sure the wall is primed and ready to go for paint.

Step 2:

2 coats of magnetic primer (I did black because that is what color I wanted my wall.. but you can tint this!!) Also, make SURE to stir this up REALLY good for best results!

Step 3.

After both coats are dry apply 1-2 coats of chalkboard paint

Step 4.

After everything is VERY dry (I’d give it 24hrs) you are ready to start measuring and marking with a pencil where you want your lines. (remember to measure the entire width and length of the wall and the minus the tape width (#of lines x tape width) This will give you how many inches you have to work with and then you can divide by 6 or 7 (I did 6 days because my wall was pretty narrow so I did Sat/Sun in one box)

Step 5.

After you have your lines all measured and ready to go… start putting down the tape! I used white duct tape because I just wanted a simple black and white wall but you can get creative with it!

Step 6.

After all your tape is up and ready to go, start putting in the days of the week. For this there are several options you can A. write them in B. Purchase magnets C. Do what I did and order the months and days of the year from 550online boutique found Here . I was able to customize the months of the year and the days of the week!

Step 7.

I tried several different markers on this and the best ones I have found are the Bistro chalk markers that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. They are easy to use, vibrant and write neatly. They do leak just a little bit when writing on the wall so I just put a little tissue right under it to soak it up. And whoala! You are done!! Hope you are able to get organized and stay on top of things with this great DIY magnetic chalkboard calendar wall!




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