DIY- Fall leaf jar with goodies

The kiddos and I really wanted to get to know our neighbors a little more since we have had a lot of new move in into our neighborhood recently. So we decided to make a simple fall mason jar filled with goodies. This project was pretty simple but it did take a while to do. I would plan on a good couple hours from start to finish especially if there are little hands involved!

Step 1: Purchase mason jars of any size and clean them thoroughly

Step 2: Spray paint mason jars (this took us the longest as our jars needed 3 coats!)

Step 3: Cut leaves and tack on the jars (we ended up taking on the leaves with sticky tack and then going over it all with modge podge)

Step 4: Add garland around the tops (we used raffia for a more fall look and put a few tiny berries in it for looks)

Step 5: Attach a cute note or card!

Step 6: Fill with goodies!! We made apple chips (that ended up taking FOREVER!) So, I just bought a few bags and wrapped them up instead of making dozens!


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