Little Girls Mint and Gold Bedroom

My 3 year old Neve (Aka Nevie) is a spitfire, a ham, a daredevil, and our little princess! She LOVES to dress up, do gymnastics and is girl to the core. I really wanted a room that showed her spunk yet was soft and girly. This mid century mint and cream room turned out PERFECT for her!! This room was a little tricky, as I have never actually painted haring bone before, so it was an adventure!  I have painted a lot in my day so I didn’t think it would be too hard. Especially now that we got the whole angle thing down in my son’s room.. it was actually a breeze!

  1.  We measured the wall out, started in middle, decided how wide a part we wanted each section and divided it evenly.
  2. We painted the wall the white color first ( Polar Bear by Behr) Then we used frog tape to do the angles.
  3. We got the angle we wanted and then with the bubble app (free download on your phone), we made for sure each angle was the same. I wanted a more random look so I did the angles different heights apart.
  4. I then caulked ALL the lines to make for SURE there was NO paint leaks! THIS STEP IS KEY!!!! DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! This is how I get all my lines crisp and clean. I use a caulk gun with a few beads of caulk and then go over it with a credit card or a damp rag and really work the caulk into the gaps.
  5. You wait. I like to pull the tape off when the paint is still wet so, I usually only wait about 20-30 mins.

With all the painting, taping and caulking it did take a while and we did this at night with only a spotlight! Eeek! In the end, we over caulked and I had some MAJOR touch ups to do. Well, you live you learn. After adding the curtains, decor and a cute bed spread… it’s exactly what I was envisioning for my little spunky princess!

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