Move in!!!

Wow. This has been such a long journey is it really time to move in??!! I still remember when Joe and I first started dating and we both said “someday we want a house on a lake in Colorado.”  Can’t believe that someday is here!!!!!!!!! This the most exciting day of my life!!! It has been such a roller coaster of a ride designing from scratch. We had NO idea what to expect. No rooms to walk beforehand, no layout to look at, no rendering to see… NADA!!!! It was hard to imagine the whole time and Joe had a harder time than I did. But I knew it would all come together in the end. And it did. Choosing lighting, paint colors, flooring, counter tops… you name it, we did it ourselves. We had NO help. Not from one single person!!  The builder obviiously helped with the structual part of it and all the codes and permits. But other than, that… we did  A LOT of it ourselves. And we are truly grateful to our builder who let us do this. This is pretty uncommon to do and I just feel so lucky it all worked out! To say I’m proud of us is an understatement.  We did good babe. We did good.  Here is the main floor of our house. Stay tuned for more rooms and spaces!!

Open concept modern rustic interior. Square pendants. Black island. DIY rustic hood vent

Open concept stairs. Modern farmhouse style. black barn door

Open concept modern farmhouse style. Planked fire place modern rustic stairs

Open concept stairs. Modern farmhouse style. Tiered lighting

Open concept modern farmhouse style

Black doors. Black barn door. Open concept. Modern rustic style. Rustic hood vent. DIY hood vent.

white barn door. Open concept lockers. Planked lockers

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