Next Step… Framing. AGAIN

I won’t bore you with framing pictures and I certainly won’t give you all the details on how long this framing dragged on for… let’s just say… It’s coming along. Slowly. VERY slowly. But there is progress every day and you have to count the little things at this stage I’ve come to realize! Every day there are a few new walls up and it comes together that little bit more. This stage has been really hard for me because this winter has been SOOOOO cold!! It has just dumped, and dumped and dumped snow!! Their plan is to get the interior shell up and the exterior complete so they can work inside during winter.  As you can see, there are no windows or doors on the house yet and it is FRIDGID inside!!! I seriously wear 5 layers to go meet people at the house and it’s so hard to have a conversation and make decisions when you are FROZEN!! We have had several important (and long) meetings though… (of course!) A 5 hour meeting with the electrician… (let’s not forget the hours on end we went over every room as well… probably a good 10 hours spent with that guy! IN THE FREEZING COLD!!!) Also, the plumber and the siding guys. Some pretty major decisions were made while I was standing there freezing my butt off trying not to be a wimp!  Windows did arrived and a few exterior doors were delivered too! Before framing was all the way complete, they did start on the siding and what a transformation! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the board and batten… it’s going to look amazing white!!!



This is us… building a house is hard. Building a house with 4 kids is even harder! Spending hours and hours a week making decisions and seeing progress, I am SO grateful we have this open play area for the kids!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought there bikes to the house and let them play in this room, since it’s so dangerous and there are tools everywhere else! There are also no railings up yet. I have 20 ft drop off’s in my whole house!! I have a slight panic attack every time I bring the kiddos there.

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